Regavim | Company Profile

Regavim was founded in 1998 by Founder and CEO Rami Sarfati, management member at the Constructors Association and expert in building single-family detached homes, offices, industrial and commercial construction, and building gas stations.


The company is registered with the Contractors Registrar - as a 100 classification C in the construction, road-building and foundation branches, as well as a registered contractor, and holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Recognized for its vast experience and excellent reputation in building for both commercial and residential building, Regavim has the opportunity to offer solutions and services tailored to its customers’ unique needs. All thanks to the company’s many years of experience in working with various clients, and its comparative advantage having a professional and permanent team in-house, which it can rely on for self-execution of building, vendor relationsand project management.


Regavim’s in-house team includes engineers, construction foremen, and skilled professionals in all aspects of building and construction. Additionally, the company has accumulated a vast network of vendors - skilled and efficient reliable subcontractors, in all the required aspects and fields, who’ve gone through extensive screening and are supervised and managed closely by our in-house supervisors, who are physically present at the sites from start to finish.



As a leading planning and construction company, we believe that the key to success is unrelentless trust, professionalism and expertise, and being fully-obligated to our customers’ satisfaction.


Our Values:

●     Being invested and creative in the planning and design of each project.

●     High-quality construction, aligned with the highest standards.

●     Using reliable, quality material, and advanced methods.

●     Strict adherence to schedule

●     Thorough supervision and quality assessment, according to the strict international standard ISO 9001:2008, issued by the Standards Institution Of Israel.

●     Perfect finishing, to the last detail.

●     Being sensitive and flexible to each client’s needs, with dedicate and personal guidance throughout each project.


●     Israel Ministry of Defense

●     Israel Railways
●     “Shorek Lachis” Drainage Authority

●     Shufersal

●     Gal Fuel Company

●     Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises LTD

●     Delkol

●     Dor Alon (1988)

●     Hanson Israel

●     Aspen Group (1990)

●     Delek Nadlan

●     RMH Lachish Industries Ltd

●     Alon

●     Better Place Israel

●     Amigour

●     Mekorot - Israel National Water Co

●     Paz Group
●     Israel Postal Company

●     Jewish Agency

●     Delek Israel Fuel Corp

●     HKL Kiryat Gat

●     Lakhish Regional Council

●     Hof HaCarmel Regional Council

●     Kiryat Gat Municipality

●     Sonol Israel

●     Shikun & Binui Real Estate

●     Achva Academic College

●     Uri Elad Properties and Investments

●     Israel Natural Gas Lines

●     Ashdod Municipality


●     Herzeliya Development Company

●     Chakar

●     10Ten Fuel Company

●     Keren Medical Research

●     Eshkol Regional Council

●     Gedera Regional Council

●     Hakalkalit Modiin

​Rami Sarfati - Lifestyle Meets Life

Rami sarfati Construction Company LTD is an ISO 9001:2008 certified construction development company, founded by Rami sarfati. Sarfati is an army Officer (RF), Israeli Special Forces Units alum, and nowadys a fourth term chief management member of the Association of Builders, and member of the planning and construction committee, and the investment and tax committee at the association entrusted with nation-wide decisions in the real estate industry in Israel.


As early as his release from the army, Mr. Sarfati had begun his way in the world of construction and real estate, while maintaining a foothold in business, aspiring to bring the army’s values of patriotism, excellence and management to the Israeli real estate eco-system, and enable young couples and families to achieve a next-level quality of living.


The company’s vision is rooted in family- and house-loving. Rami sarfati Construction Company views its projects as much more than apartments or spaces. In every step of the way, the notion that leads the company is being a home for human beings, which could only be achieved by excellence and creativity. On the one hand, luxurious, individual planning tailored to the unique needs of each buyer, while on the other hand keeping a customer-friendly and economical approach by using sister-company Regavim (also owned by Rami Sarfati) for project implementation and execution.


Market-leading companies choose to work with Rami sarfati: Better Place, Israel Railways, Mekorot, and many more project - both commercial and residential - in the Shfela and the South. The personal touch, professional process and people-focused service has established the company’s name as a reliable, leading construction company with strong professional and financial performance.


Strictly sticking to schedule, discipline, attention, and faith that lifestyle is in the details, have created advance work methodologies. Paired with high standards for products and material, this turns Rami Sarfati projects into the model of perfect lifestyle, irresistible end product and human connection throughout the process - even after customers get the keys.


Flagship Projects


Yavne - Regavim has led the construction of the Moni Sitton Buses commercial center, including offices (1000 SqM), commercial spaces (1000 SqM), petrol station, convenience store and car-wash.

Modiin - The company was chosen by the Modiin Municipality to lead, plan and execute the local YMCA “Sahlavim”, for the growing city’s residents’ entertainment and leisure. The center was built on 1500 square meters and according to detailed architectural planning.



“Sarfati Kalaniyot” - The luxury living complex was built on the last land reserves in Rishon LeZion, in a quiet and picturesque neighborhood next to the main highways.

The complex includes 3 residential towers, including 48 living units: 3, 4, and 5-room apartments, penthouse and garden apartments. The complex includes underground parking, and a joint public space with a Piazza and gardens. The complex has been planned by top architects and built to surpass the industry’s highest standards.


“Sarfati Hod HaSharon” - A luxurious project located in the in-demand city of Hod HaSharon. The 350 SqM duplex houses were planned by a top architect and include basements, gardens and uniquely rich technical offering. This residential complex is located next to the Four Seasons park, in a strategic point next to the highway.


(Photo caption: Chief management member of the Association of Builders, and member of the planning and construction committee)

Rami Zarfati, CEO

Chief management member of the Association of Builders, and member of the planning and construction committee